A Quick Guide to Caesarean Sections


Although most women won’t need to have a Caesarean section, it is a good idea to learn a little about the procedure while you are preparing to give birth. You can find out more about Caesareans and other interventions from your private maternity care team in London.


Why Might I Need a Caesarean?

You might need to have a C-section if:

  • The baby is breech or in an awkward position that makes vaginal birth difficult
  • You have placenta praevia, which means the placenta is blocking the baby’s route out of the womb
  • Labour is taking too long
  • You are bleeding a lot during labour
  • You have pre-eclampsia
  • You have an infection that could be passed to the baby during a vaginal delivery
  • The baby isn’t getting enough oxygen and needs to be delivered quickly

A Caesarean section sometimes needs to be performed because of complications that develop during labour, but the procedure can also be planned ahead of time if your private maternity care team at the London clinic thinks it is safer.

What Happens During a Caesarean Section?

During the operation:

  • You will usually be given an epidural but a general anaesthetic is sometimes needed for an emergency or unplanned Caesarean
  • A screen will be used to block your view of the surgery if you have an epidural as you will be awake during the procedure
  • The doctor will make an incision along your lower abdomen and through the womb
  • The baby will be lifted out through the incision
  • The placenta will be removed
  • The incision will then be stitched up
  • You should be able to hold your baby as soon as he or she is delivered

After Your C-Section

You will probably need a little more time to recover from a Caesarean than from a vaginal delivery. You will need to take it easy until the surgical wound heals. You will have a scar from the procedure, but otherwise there should be no long term effects. Most women who have had a Caesarean can go on to give birth vaginally in the future, although you should always tell your private maternity care team in London if you have had a Caesarean before.


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