Could Exercise Give You the Immune System of a 20 Year Old?

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One of the top tips that you will hear from the doctor when you use our private GP services is to stay active. Getting regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health, whether that means taking a gentle stroll or going to the gym. Staying fit could even help your immune system to keep functioning at its best, which might mean that you need less help from our private GP services as you grow older. Read More

What Happens When You Get the BCG Jab?

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The BCG vaccination can help to protect your child against many forms of tuberculosis (TB). Although the vaccine isn’t needed for every child, it is recommended if they are at higher risk of infection. If you decide to have the jab, it is good to know what to expect when you bring your child to the clinic. Read More

How Do 4D Scans Work?

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Having a 4D ultrasound scan at our London clinic can be an amazing experience, but you might be wondering how these new scans are able to create 3D pictures of your baby. The scan procedure is actually very similar to the normal 2D scans, but the way the images are processed is a little bit different. Read More

Internal vs. External: The Two Types of Pregnancy Scans

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Although many women will only need the routine scans during pregnancy, different types of ultrasound are sometimes performed at the clinic in London. You may need extra abdominal scans or even an internal scan to check on your baby early in the pregnancy. Abdominal and trans-vaginal scans are performed differently, so it is important to know which type of scan you will be having when you visit the clinic.

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