Antenatal Care When You’re Expecting Twins

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If you are expecting twins, you might need a few more antenatal appointments in London and a little extra care during your
pregnancy. Although most twin pregnancies proceed without any complications, there is a slightly higher risk of some pregnancy
problems. As soon as the first scan reveals that you are expecting twins, your private maternity care team will start
recommending some extra check ups.

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Should Your Son Get The HPV Vaccine?

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The HPV vaccine has been provided to girls in the UK for many years now, but boys are still not being routinely vaccinated against a virus that can affect them too. While the HPV vaccine is more important to girls because of the higher risk of cervical cancer, protecting boys against HPV can help to prevent some rarer forms of cancer. Read More

What Does Your Baby Look Like At The 12 Week Scan?

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By the time you’re due for your first routine ultrasound scan in London at 12 weeks, your baby will already have grown a lot. From just a single cell, he or she will have grown into a tiny foetus that already looks very much like a baby. You should be able to recognise the head, profile and limbs of your baby, although it could take you a while to get used to the way the black and white ultrasound picture looks. Read More

Getting a Clear Ultrasound Picture

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Getting a clear picture is important during your private pregnancy scan in London. It can take some patience for us to get the pictures we need, especially if the baby is in the wrong position. Sometimes we do have to give up on finding out whether your baby is a boy or a girl. However, there are a couple of things you can do to help us get a clear picture during an ultrasound. Read More

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