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Advances in ultrasound technology have transformed the pregnancy scan picture from a grainy black and white image barely discernible by anyone but the sonographer to stunning full colour three and four-dimensional photographs depicting the baby in his amazing, pre-birth world.

Through this technology, it is now possible to observe what unborn babies get up to in the womb. Previously a dark and mysterious place off limit even to doctors, ultrasound technology has provided a window to the womb.

Through 4D scanning, doctors have been able to see babies engaging in all sorts of activity, such as:

  • Practicing ‘stepping’ movements
  • Facial movements like ‘smiling’ and ‘frowning’
  • Practicing swallowing by drinking amniotic fluid
  • Kicking
  • Thumb sucking

The Women’s Wellness Centre has a specialist 2D, 3D and 4D scanning unit with state of the art ultrasound machines to bring you an unforgettable experience. You can ‘meet’ your baby before he or she is born and see if he takes after mummy or daddy.

Bonding scans last for up to 30 minutes and include time for a 5-10 minute DVD recording of your baby. At the end of the appointment, you will also be given some prints to take home and share with your relatives.

The centre also provides a full range of medical ultrasound scanning throughout your pregnancy – early pregnancy scans to check viability, nuchal translucency scans, dating scans, the 20-22 week anomaly scan and fetal wellbeing scans to check the baby’s growth and the function of the placenta. If you have a family history of heart abnormalities the unit has a fetal cardiac specialist who can provide a scan from 18 weeks to examine the fetal heart and its vessels.

Ultrasound scanning can also be used to detect gynaecological problems and assess a woman’s fertility status so if you’re struggling to conceive you can start your journey from preconception to birth with the centre’s team of caring professionals.

For a memorable and bonding experience with your baby, you can book a 3D-4D recreational bonding scan with the Women’s Wellness Centre in London by visiting the website and requesting a callback.

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