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If you are expecting twins, you might need a few more antenatal appointments in London and a little extra care during your
pregnancy. Although most twin pregnancies proceed without any complications, there is a slightly higher risk of some pregnancy
problems. As soon as the first scan reveals that you are expecting twins, your private maternity care team will start
recommending some extra check ups.

Antenatal care

Extra Check Ups

You will probably be asked to come in for more frequent antenatal appointments if you are expecting more than one baby. As
well as having more frequent appointments, your visits to the private maternity care clinic in London will also take a little
longer when you are expecting twins. All of the checks and measurements will need to be done for both babies.

More Ultrasound Scans

You may need to have some extra ultrasound scans too, although this can depend on whether your babies are sharing a placenta.
Twins that have the same placenta and membranes require more frequent monitoring to ensure that both of them are growing well.
However, even if your twins each have their own separate placenta, you will probably still need to have an ultrasound at least
every four weeks as there is a higher risk of complications than for a single baby.

Planning the Birth

Another aspect of your antenatal care that may be different is that you will need to be aware of the higher chances of needing
interventions during the birth. Many women are able to give birth to twins naturally, but your doctor may recommend an
elective Caesarean if there is s high risk of complications or the babies are positioned the wrong way. You will also need to
discuss the possibility of an emergency Caesarean during your private maternity care appointment in London, just in case one
or both babies need some extra help as they arrive.

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