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If you are considering visiting us for 4D scans in London you might be concerned about  possible negative effects from this new ultrasound technology.

4d scans

4D Ultrasound Safety

To reassure you, 4D ultrasound scans are very safe and completely painless and therefore  represent no medical reason to avoid having 4D scans in London. You might have thought about the frequency of scans during your pregnancy and that having a recreational scan such as the 4D scan, might be too much ultrasound exposure for you and our baby,but there are no known side effects of ultrasound exposure for either mother or baby. It is reassuring to note that ultrasound scans have been performed for decades and many women have frequent scans during pregnancy for medical reasons. Our ultrasound scanning equipment is exactly the same as what we use for medical scanning so is state of the art, safe technology. The 4D Scan is an excellent choice for women wanting to have a more real time, lifelike glimps of the baby than still 2D imaging can offer. The other advantage is that you can take away a short ‘movie’ of your baby, surely an enchanting keepsake to treasure.

Reasons to Skip the 4D Scan

Although there are no health concerns to worry about , there are still some reasons why you might not want to have 4D scans:

  • Seeing a 4 D image might make you more anxious than reassured, as the image is different from what you would normally be able to see.
  • Your Schedule may not allow for this extra recreational scans and you may want to reduce the amount of appointments you have to take due to your pregnancy.
  • The scan pictures don’t always come out as you might expect, for example if we can’t get a clear view of your baby’s face or if the pictures turn out a little bit “weird“, so there is a chance you could be disappointed.

Although most expectant parents enjoy the experience of having 4D scans at our clinic in London, it is important to have realistic expectations and to make the choice that feels right for you.

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