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An ultrasound is an incredible opportunity to see and bond with your baby, as well as being an important part of your antenatal care. Most women will have a dating scan at 8 to 14 weeks and an anomaly scan at 18 to 21 weeks when the baby’s gender can often be revealed. However, your doctor may also recommend that you have additional scans, and you can also arrange a private ultrasound in London, including 3D and 4D scans.

When you visit our clinic for any kind of ultrasound in London, you will be asked to lie down and make yourself comfortable. It is best if you are well hydrated when you arrive, and you will need to expose your abdomen, so wear something loose that you can easily lift up. The sonographer will apply some lubricating gel to your skin, which can feel a little cold, before passing a handheld probe over your stomach. You may feel some pressure from this device as the sonographer may need to press it down to get a clear image, but it won’t hurt and it can’t harm you or your baby. If your baby is in an awkward position, the sonographer may also gently poke your stomach, or for a 3D or 4D scan, ask you to take a short walk. This can encourage the baby to move so that everything that needs to be seen is visible.

You will see your baby, and get some of your very first baby pictures or videos, while your sonographer checks your baby’s heartbeat, movements, and position checks your placenta and amniotic fluid and looks for signs of any anomalies. If you decide to have a 3D or 4D ultrasound in London, you will see a three-dimensional image of your baby‘s face in colour, and you may even see him or her kick as you feel it happening.

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