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Although many women will only need the routine scans during pregnancy, different types of ultrasound are sometimes performed at the clinic in London. You may need extra abdominal scans or even an internal scan to check on your baby early in the pregnancy. Abdominal and trans-vaginal scans are performed differently, so it is important to know which type of scan you will be having when you visit the clinic.

internal external ultrasound scans

External Ultrasound Scans

Most pregnancy scans are abdominal or external ultrasounds. The routine scans conducted at 12 and 20 weeks are both external scans and most women will only have this type of ultrasound in London when they are pregnant. During an external scan, the ultrasound probe is placed against your stomach and moved across the skin in order to get pictures of your womb and baby from different angles. Having an external scan is very easy and it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Internal Ultrasound Scans

Although external scans are more common in pregnancy, it is sometimes necessary to perform an internal or trans-vaginal scan instead. You may have had an internal ultrasound before if you have visited the London clinic with a gynaecological problem. The scan can be used to diagnose certain conditions. Trans-vaginal scans can sometimes be needed during pregnancy too, usually during the early stages. You might have an early ultrasound to investigate symptoms such as pelvic pain or bleeding, to check for an ectopic pregnancy, or to reassure you that everything is going well. During an internal scan, a special ultrasound probe will be inserted into your vagina. It can feel a little bit uncomfortable, but the internal scan can reveal details that the external ultrasound might not pick up. It can therefore be an important part of your antenatal care if your doctor wants to check for problems early in pregnancy.

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