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Martin Saweirs

“Prevention is better than cure.” This commonly used phrase rings true in all walks of life, but none more so than in medicine. The health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones is a priceless asset and one that people should be empowered to prioritize and take control of at an earlier stage. Doing so can reassure that everything is in hand, and if any issues are detected, that they are being dealt with earlier when treatments are often more effective.

In the early stages of some diseases, people often have no symptoms but signs can be detected through various medical examinations. There are many important things a routine health check can detect early, such as mildly raised blood pressure or cholesterol, or the early signs of diabetes. The risks of these remaining untreated are well known – impacting upon the heart, brain and other vital organs. In England alone 1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure, and around half of these are not receiving treatment for it. A common misconception is that this applies to older people, but perhaps surprisingly this figure includes around 10-25% of 25-44-year-olds. Detecting such findings allows us to efficiently minimise further risk through a range of effective treatments – something that is known as secondary prevention.

The idea is to prevent a disease from initially developing – known as primary prevention. We would aim to do this by taking a detailed look at your lifestyle, and discussing any factors that can be easily changed or modified to maximise your health. It also includes providing the support for such lifestyle changes – for example, therapies to aid and maintain smoking cessation.

As the Women’s Wellness Centre’s new resident General Practitioner, my role is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your health are looked after to the highest standard. As such, we have designed a range of ‘Well Woman’ and ‘Well Man’ packages to cover all the significant areas of disease prevention and detection. Furthermore, any of these packages can readily be tailored after a discussion to suit your specific needs and concerns.

After completing one of these wellness assessments we will discuss all the results with you in full, explaining what this all means practically for you. Together we can discuss the options for a plan going forward that will best suit you. Checks such as these represent a significant investment in your future health and can form a solid foundation for the relationship between you and your wellbeing.

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