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Getting the first pictures of your baby is one of the most moving parts of your ultrasound scan. The picture that we give you to take home will be something that you treasure long after your visit to the clinic in London.

Ultrasound Pictures

Lost Scan Pictures

Ultrasound pictures are one of the most important mementoes of pregnancy, but there are still cases where they are lost or damaged. One of the most shocking has to be the theft of one expectant mother’s scan pictures and maternity notes from her car in Cornwall. She lost not only her earliest baby pictures but also the essential pregnancy notes detailing her care. Having your ultrasound stolen isn’t something that you would expect to happen, but it does show how important it is to protect these precious pictures from more predictable events.

Protecting Your Ultrasound Pictures

The safest place for the original scan pictures will usually be in a photo album or baby book. If you want to display your picture then it is best to protect it inside a photo frame and to place it somewhere away from strong sunlight or sources of moisture to prevent fading or damage. It is also a sensible idea to copy the picture so that you can preserve the original you receive from us in London and have another picture to hang up or carry around with you. You won’t have to worry about sun damage, losing your wallet or wear and tear when you know there is still a perfect copy in your album. You should also get an electronic copy of the picture from your ultrasound clinic in London or by scanning it yourself. It will be much easier to share with friends and family by email or online. You will also be able to save a copy to an online service such as Dropbox or Google Photos so that you will always have a copy even if the ones at home are stolen or damaged by flooding or other events.


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