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Having any kind of ultrasound scan can give you an amazing insight into what your baby is up to in the womb, but 4D scans can provide an even more special view. What you see can be magical and emotional, but it can also be surprising and even a little but funny.

ultrasound 4d scan

Waving to the Camera

It’s always interesting to hear stories about what other parents have seen during their ultrasounds and 4D scans. One couple who have been sharing their experiences actually managed to see their baby turn around and wave at them while they were in the middle of their 4D ultrasound. Although we don’t know what was going through baby’s head, it is true that babies can react to sounds, lights and touches from outside while they are still in the womb. Perhaps he felt the ultrasound probe on his mother’s stomach and turned around to find out what was going on. Even if you don’t get quite the same experience when you visit us, you could still see some amazing sights during your 4D ultrasound scan.

What You Might See

By the time that 4D scans can be performed at our clinic in Chelsea, your baby will be very well developed. He or she will have been moving around a lot since the early months of the pregnancy, so you won’t be surprised to find that babies can get up to a lot during the scan. We have seen babies wriggling their fingers, turning around, blinking, yawning and even sucking their thumbs during 4D scans. In fact, there is some evidence that the hand that your baby favours in the womb could turn out to be the one that he or she will use to write in the future. If you are lucky to spot your baby waving or sucking a thumb, take note of which hand is being used as it could give you as clue as to whether your child will be left or right handed.

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