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If you’re thinking about visiting the London clinic for a 4D scan, you might be wondering what exactly you will see. Our 4D scans can show you a lot more than the routine ultrasounds you’ve had before.


Routine Ultrasound Pictures

The normal ultrasound scans that you have during pregnancy are black and white, 2D images that show your baby’s organs. The main purpose of the scan is to assess your baby’s health, so it is important for the doctor at the London clinic to see how he or she is developing. The scan can show your baby’s beating heart, but you will only catch a glimpse of the face in profile.

4D Ultrasound Pictures

The images generated during 4D scans in London are completely different. Not only will you see your baby in colour, but you will also get a 3D image of his or her face. Although 4D scans can provide useful information about your baby’s growth and development, the focus is usually on giving you that first glimpse of your baby’s face. Instead of creating an image of the internal organs, the scan builds up a 3D picture of the surface details.

In addition to showing you a three dimensional picture of your baby’s face, the scan also incorporates a fourth dimension into the images: time. You will be able to watch your baby moving in real time. If he or she kicks during the scan, you will see it on the screen as you feel it happening. You might see your baby turning around, wriggling hands and fingers, yawning, or even sucking a thumb. Having a 4D scan can give you a real insight into what your baby is up to in the womb. It can be an incredibly moving and magical experience that will help you bond with your baby even more.

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