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HPV testing can play an important part in the decision process if your private women’s health care provider finds an abnormal result after you have a smear test in London.

Routine cervical screening is one of the most common procedures carried out by private women’s health care providers in London. The screening process looks for abnormalities in your cells that could be signs of developing cancer. The pre-cancerous cells can then be removed in order to prevent serious problems in the future. However, when a test result is on the borderline, your doctor might want to carry out some additional tests before deciding whether you need further treatment. One of these tests is a check for the human papilloma virus or HPV.

HPV is a very common virus that is often harmless. It can spread between partners during sex and it is possible to have the virus for many years, without even being aware that it is there. However, some forms of the virus can cause problems when they reach the cervix. These high-risk forms of HPV can cause the cells they infect to start developing the kinds of abnormalities that may lead to cervical cancer. Sometimes the abnormalities disappear after the infection is over, but in other cases, the changes remain behind and increase the risk of developing cancer.

The presence of HPV alongside a borderline abnormal result from a cervical smear indicates that the risk of cervical cancer is high enough to merit further investigations. Most cases of cervical cancer detected at private women’s health care clinics in London are linked to HPV infection, so the presence of the virus can be a sign that the borderline result should not be ignored. You might need to have a colposcopy so that your gynaecologist can get a closer look at the cervix before deciding whether treatment is necessary.

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