It is the intention of Obsgyncare Ltd. that all patients treated in The Women’s Wellness Centre (“the Centre”) will be satisfied with the treatment and service that they receive.  If a patient should have cause to complain it is in the best interests of both the patient and the Centre that the complaint is resolved speedily and to the satisfaction of both parties.

It is recognised that complaints, whether substantiated or not, have the potential to highlight areas of practice that may need to be changed in some way.  Every effort will be made to consider any complaint as a potential learning experience and to modify our practice accordingly.

  • Any complaint whether written or verbal that is made regarding the services, staff or organisation of the Centre will be treated as valid and an investigation must be carried out.

  • No assumptions must be made by staff regarding the validity of a complaint.

  • Complainants must be treated in a non-confrontational and non-judgemental manner and all concerns noted.

  • No admissions of liability must be made by staff.

  • The Registered Manager or, in her absence, the most senior member of staff on duty has the responsibility for receiving and acting on informal complaints made at the Centre.  All such complaints must be referred to her when they arise.

  • Every effort must be made to attempt to resolve minor complaints in a non-confrontational manner and, whenever possible, at the time that they are made.  Under these circumstances it may not be necessary to create a separate file, but a comprehensive record must be made in the complaints register.

  • All staff members and individuals with Practising Privileges must inform the Registered Manager if a complaint is made directly to them, whether or not a resolution has been reached.

  • Miss Gubby Ayida, the Director with specific responsibility for complaints, has the responsibility for addressing all complaints that cannot be resolved by the Registered Manager. Investigations will be carried out by two directors of, or, if appropriate, the process of investigation will be delegated to other staff members.

  • The investigation will include all aspects of the complaint and be fully documented, including the outcome of the complaint and any subsequent action.

  • A summary register of complaints will be held in the Centre.

  • The full documentary record relating to a complaint will be filed in a separate complaints file. This will include the following:
    • Date of the complaint
    • How the complaint was received
    • By whom the complaint was received
    • Details of the complaint
    • Details of the investigation
    • Contemporaneous, signed, notes of any conversations that took place with the complainant
    • A record of the outcome of the complaint
    • A record of the action taken by the Centre
    • All correspondence between the complainant and the Centre
  • Any patient who is unsure about how to complain will be assisted by the Centre staff in using the complaints procedure.

  • Following receipt of a complaint a written acknowledgement will be sent to the complainant within two working days and they will be invited to attend a meeting at the Centre, unless:
    • A full response can be made within five working days
    • The complaint has been resolved whilst the patient is still in the Centre and it is agreed that no further action is necessary.
  • Under other circumstances a full response will be made to the complainant within twenty working days unless the investigation is still taking place.

  • In the event that an investigation takes longer than twenty working days a letter will be sent to the complainant informing them of the stage that the investigation has reached.  This will be sent within the twenty day period.

  • If an investigation is particularly lengthy a letter informing them of the stage that the investigation has reached will be sent to the complainant every fifteen working days after the initial twenty day period.

  • A final response will be made to the complainant within five working days of the completion of the investigation.

  • An annual audit of complaints will be carried out in order to identify any trends that become apparent and to ensure that appropriate action is taken in response.

  • All patients have the right to complain, without prejudice and at any stage of their treatment, to:

    Care Quality Commission
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4PA

    Contact us by phone on 03000 616161
    Email us at

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