5 Common Reactions to Seeing Your Baby On An Ultrasound

Having an ultrasound scan can produce all kinds of emotions, from delight to anxiety. In our experience these are some of the things people often feel during their scan:


Even though you know what to expect when you enter the ultrasound room, it can still be a bit of a shock to see your own baby appear on the screen. You might be surprised to see how well developed your baby is at the 12 week scan or amazed that you can see his or her face clearly during a 4D scan later on.
The ultrasound experience can sometimes be a little overwhelming. It can be difficult to take in everything that your sonographer is telling you. You might also find it difficult to interpret what you are seeing on the screen, especially during earlier scans. Make sure you get the sonographer to repeat themselves if you’ve missed something.
Having an ultrasound scan can make you feel real respect for the technology that enables us to see these pictures. It can also inspire you with all kinds of questions about your baby’s development and what you are seeing. Feel free to ask your doctor at the clinic if you’re wondering about anything.
It All Seems Real
This is a particularly common reaction from fathers, who haven’t been experiencing the pregnancy first hand, but the first ultrasound can be very striking for mothers too. Seeing your baby on the screen can make their imminent arrival seem a lot closer and more serious. A little anxiety can also come along with this feeling as you realise how soon you will have another member of your family.
One of the most overpowering emotions that parents feel when they see their babies for the first time is love. For some parents, this happens when the baby arrives, but for others it occurs during the ultrasound scan. The scan can be an important bonding experience for many parents. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t feel a strong surge of emotion during the scan, especially during earlier scans when the picture is less clear. However, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit emotional during your visit to the clinic.
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