Private GP Services In Chelsea

At the Women's Wellness Centre in Chelsea, we offer a full range of private GP services, provided by experienced private GPs. At the Women's Wellness Centre we have experienced General Practitioners on-hand to provide a comprehensive range of services to cater for the entire family.

We understand that illness often happens when you least need it to, and to that end we aim to get you back to full health as quickly as possible. There are regular weekly clinics, but appointments can be made throughout the week (and on Saturdays) at a time to suit you.

Our GPs are not limited to the wellness of our female patients either, they see men, women and children of all ages on a daily basis.

As well as dealing with illness, our GPs provide wellness and screening packages for general and sexual health. These can be a significant investment in your long term health, as well as giving you significant peace of mind with regard to a variety of issues. All our blood tests and samples are sent to The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) and are usually received back within 24-48 hours.

Travel medications and vaccinations are another area our GPs can help with, being able to assess and prescribe an extensive range of medicines to make sure your trip away is one you remember for the right reasons.

A more complete list of services is below, but this is by no means exhaustive. If there is anything you are interested in which is not listed, please do not hesitate to get in touch so you can discuss it with a private GP.

  • Acute and minor illnesses

  • Chronic illness management

  • General & sexual health, and wellbeing checks

  • Dermatological concerns and skin tag removal

  • Mood and psychological concerns

  • Travel vaccinations

  • Baby checks and immunisations

  • Private prescriptions

  • Private referrals

  • Medical certificates

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