Is the Contraceptive Coil the Best Fit For Your Lifestyle?


When you visit our private gynaecology clinic in London to discuss your contraception, we won’t just consider your health when advising you on your options. Although factors such as your age, weight and health will affect which forms of contraception are suitable for you, it is also important to consider which contraceptives will be the best fit for your lifestyle.



Finding the Right Fit

A good contraceptive should fit into your life. You should find it easy to use and there should never be an occasion where you’re tempted to risk unprotected sex to avoid the hassle of finding or using your contraception. Although the contraception that suits you will depend on your schedule and personal preferences, one option that we often recommend at our private gynaecology clinic in London to women with busy lifestyles is the Mirena coil.


The Mirena Coil

Having a coil fitted could be a particularly good idea if you lead a busy lifestyle. You won’t need to think about your contraception, remember to take a pill every day, or deal with heavy periods. Modern coils can reduce bleeding or even stop your periods altogether, which can make your life easier and free you from any issues such as cramps.


Signs that you should consider a coil:


  • You sometimes forget to take your contraceptive pill
  • You’ve had to rely on emergency contraception after forgetting your usual contraception or because it wasn’t there when you needed it
  • You travel a lot and it’s difficult to bring your contraception with you or to find a reliable source when you’re away
  • You are an athlete and you want to perform at the same level throughout the month, without fluctuating hormones or PMS
  • You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll be protected against accidental pregnancies for the next five years, without having to do anything


If you think that the Mirena coil could be a good fit for your lifestyle or you want to find out more about the other options for contraception, make an appointment at the private gynaecology clinic in London to learn more.

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