At the Women's Wellness Centre, we believe that maternity is special.

At the Women's Wellness Centre, we believe that maternity is special. That's why we go out of our way to ensure that our patients receive private maternity services that are exceptional in every way. Our team specialise in providing care throughout pregnancy, and we have designed our services not only to provide you with superior support but also to ensure that you have peace of mind, from start to finish. Take the pressure out of pregnancy and let us help you enjoy your maternity.

Private Maternity Care in London

We offer a wide range of private maternity care services. Whether you're interested in comprehensive consultant led private maternity care, periodic appointments alongside outpatient midwifery, home-based support that complements NHS provision or classes in parentcraft, we're here to provide you with the highest quality of private antenatal care and assistance available.  

Our centre features state of the art facilities, with advanced equipment that we use to help inform our antenatal consultants. This technology allows us to provide a wide range of foetal ultrasound scans, including early dating scans, nuchal translucency scans (NT scans) and anomaly scans, and for the later stages of pregnancy, foetal wellbeing and growth scans. Our phlebotomist is available to conduct blood tests, which we send away to be processed at The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), usually receiving them back for analysis within 24-48 hrs. In addition, we regularly arrange for appointments with our visiting obstetric physiotherapist, and for referrals to an obstetric physician, who can both work in partnership with our own services.  

All of our obstetricians have admitting rights to London's leading consultant led private maternity care units. Using these close operational relationships, we book our patients into the finest obstetrics facilities in London. This results in our patients benefiting from our personal approach and world-class medical support, whatever the situation. 

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Early Pregnancy Assessment

When dealing with any health concern, early assessment is always a wise decision. As pregnancy is such a momentous occasion, we maintain a dedicated early pregnancy assessment team whose services are available from the very earliest stages through to the first 14 weeks. This allows for prompt access to diagnostic testing, using our onsite ultrasound facilities and our access to pathology services. 

There is a broad range of concerns that require us to perform an assessment. These include unexplained bleeding, lower abdominal pain, excessive nausea and vomiting, possible tubal pregnancy and for reassurance after a previous miscarriage or tubal pregnancy. After taking a detailed gynaecological and medical history, our team will most often use transvaginal ultrasonography (an internal scan) or a simple confirmation scan to check the pregnancy. Depending on the results, we can then provide you with an all clear, forward a report to your GP or referring specialist, recommend further tests or refer you to our consultant gynaecologist.

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Midwifery Care 

During pregnancy, it is essential to have confidence in your midwife. We employ only highly skilled candidates, who have many years of experience providing private maternity care and are mothers themselves. If you would prefer, our midwives are available to give consultations in the comfort of your own home. These can prove particularly useful during late pregnancy or post delivery. Our carefully selected team is there to provide you with reliable and experienced advice, leaving you informed, relaxed and able to make the best possible decisions for you and your pregnancy. 

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