At Women's Wellness Centre, we also provide for the medical needs of children.


At Women's Wellness Centre, we also provide for the medical needs of children. Paediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with children and young people's health requirements, from birth through to 18 years of age. Infants and adolescents have different needs to adults, and our specialists provide their expertise complimented with patience and a good sense of humour.

We believe that paediatric care should be regarded as family medicine. Our in-house Consultant Paediatrician, Dr Kingi Aminu, combines conventional medical practice with a full appreciation of her patients’ overall wellbeing and the effects of their external environment, including the home. To ensure that a child’s needs are comprehensively cared for this will sometimes call for a multi-disciplinary approach, for example including practitioners such as dieticians, psychologists and therapists.

We always work closely with families to achieve the level of care that is right for them. The role of a paediatrician differs widely from country to country. In the UK National Health Service (NHS), paediatricians are usually hospital based (secondary care), whereas in the USA and several European countries they take on a more prominent primary care role. To best cater for our patients needs, whichever community they happen to come from, we work flexibly to achieve a balance between UK paediatric practice and that of our patients home country.

Many families like the comfort and reassurance of having a named paediatrician who knows them and the needs of their child. Our general paediatric service treats children in a cosy environment that the whole family feels comfortable in. Through regular wellness checks that ensure physical and developmental milestones, and health promotion of essential measures such as immunisation, parents can find peace of mind in trusting the health of their children to our safe hands.

The Womens Wellness Centre offers a private paediatrics services in London to help you to take care of your child as he or she grows and develops.

Our paediatrics team can provide all of the care that your child needs as he or she grows up, while making sure that the clinic is always a friendly and welcoming place where your entire family will be comfortable. Whatever age your child is when you first register your family with us, we hope to build a lasting relationship so that we can help him or her to grow up strong and healthy. From giving routine vaccinations and helping with common childhood illnesses, to providing you with the support that you need should your child require specialist treatment, we will be here for you every step of the way. We work closely with families and all kinds of medical specialties to provide comprehensive care tailored to each child's needs. 

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