Private Pregnancy Scan in London

Ultrasound facilities, private pregnancy scan and access to pathology services.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Service

Seeing your baby moving around and listening to his or her heart beating can be a magical experience. You don't have to wait for your next routine pregnancy scan to enjoy it again. You can arrange a private pregnancy ultrasound whenever you want to see him or her. We can also conduct an early pregnancy assessment or other pregnancy checks at our clinic in London. We have ultrasound facilities in the clinic and access to pathology services.

Private Pregnancy Scans in London

A pregnancy scan is a chance for you to see your baby. It is also an important opportunity for your doctor to check on the health of you and your baby. You can even learn whether you are expecting a boy or girl during your private pregnancy scan.

Routine scans and health checks are an important part of antenatal care, but you can arrange a private pregnancy scan in London whenever you want to see your baby. Spending more time with your baby can be an important bonding experience, particularly for fathers and other family members. It can also be very reassuring if you are feeling at all anxious about the pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Assessment

As well as arranging a private pregnancy test for or in between your routine scans, you can also make an appointment to see your baby before the usual 12-14 week scan. At the Women's Wellness Centre we offer early pregnancy scans from the earliest stages of pregnancy to the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The service is provided by our dedicated early pregnancy assessment team.

You can arrange an early ultrasound scan just to put your mind to rest or a complete assessment to investigate any specific concerns about the pregnancy. Early pregnancy scans can address concerns such as unexplained bleeding, lower abdominal pain, excessive nausea and vomiting, possible tubal pregnancy or reassurance after a previous miscarriage or tubal pregnancy.

Our early pregnancy assessment team will normally use transvaginal ultrasonography (internal scan) to check the pregnancy after a careful gynaecological and medical history has been taken. Prompt access to diagnostic testing is available on the premises with our on site ultrasound facilities and access to pathology services. Simple dating /confirmation scans are also available.

After the scan we will normally be in a position to reassure you about your pregnancy. A report can be sent to your General Practitioner or referring specialist. If you do not have a gynaecologist and require one, we can refer you to one of our consultant gynaecologists. If however the status of the pregnancy is unclear we may ask you to provide a blood sample to test the pregnancy related hormone levels (HCG and progesterone blood test), the results of which are usually available within 24 hours.

A repeat scan with or without further blood samples may be required. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that medical input is required because the findings are non reassuring we can refer you to one of our consultant gynaecologists.

If you're expecting a baby, get in touch to arrange a private pregnancy scan or early pregnancy assessment in London.

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