Should You Have an Early Pregnancy Scan?


Early pregnancy scans aren’t usually part of routine antenatal care, but there can be some good reasons to have an earlier private pregnancy scan at the London clinic.



When Can You Have an Early Scan?

Most women won’t have an ultrasound until they are about eight to twelve weeks pregnant. This is usually when the first dating scan is performed. However, it is possible to check on your baby much sooner than this. You can arrange your first private pregnancy scan in London from about six weeks.

Who Should Have an Early Ultrasound?

Anyone can arrange an early pregnancy scan, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to have as many scans as you can. You won’t be able to see much on a six week scan, so you won’t be missing any pretty pictures if you wait a little longer. However, you should also feel free to arrange an early scan if you want one, whether it is because of anxiety, curiosity, or for another reason. You should choose the antenatal care that is right for you and your baby. It can also be important to arrange an early ultrasound if you have any concerns about the pregnancy or if your doctor has recommended it. 

Reasons to Have an Early Pregnancy Scan

Although there are many reasons why couples choose to have an early ultrasound, there are some common reasons for having an early private pregnancy scan in London:

  • You need more confirmation of the pregnancy, perhaps because you’ve had fertility treatment.
  • You want to find out your due date quickly.
  • Twins run in the family and you want to check if you’re expecting more than one baby.
  • You’re too excited to wait and you want to see your baby as soon as possible.
  • You’re feeling anxious about the pregnancy so you want some extra health checks.
  • You’ve had a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, or other issues during previous pregnancies, so you need some extra care and reassurance this time.
  • You’ve experienced spotting, pain or other symptoms and you want to check on your baby.
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