Should You See Your GP for Health Screening?


You don’t have to wait until you feel ill to visit your private GP at the Womens Wellness Centre in Chelsea. You can also see your doctor for a check up or screening tests.

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Why Screening Matters

Screening can ensure that any developing health problems are detected as soon as possible. Early detection can make many conditions easier to treat and reduce their impact on your health. Screening tests can even reveal issues such as high cholesterol that can be addressed before they start causing problems. It is also an opportunity for you to get advice from your private GP in Chelsea on what you can do to improve your health and lifestyle.

Who Should Have Health Screening?

Screening can be a good idea for all of us. It is important to attend routine screening tests such as cervical smears and mammograms when you are invited. However, seeing your GP for screening could be a particularly good idea if you are:

  • Over 40, when our bodies start changing and the risk of certain conditions starts to go up.
  • Planning a major life change such as starting a family, which makes looking after your health even more important.
  • Concerned about a family history of conditions such as breast cancer or cardiovascular disease that could be hereditary.
  • Hoping to make lifestyle changes such as losing weight, eating better or getting more exercise. Your GP can provide advice and help you to make these changes in the right way.

What Happens During Health Screening?

The tests that are included in your screening will depend on your needs. You can have a basic check up to assess your general health or add some extra tests if you are concerned about a specific aspect of your health.

The following tests are often included in screening:

  • A full physical exam
  • Review of your medical history and family history
  • BMI check
  • Blood pressure test
  • Blood tests to check cholesterol, liver and kidney function, and more
  • Urine test to look for signs of diabetes or other health problems

Other tests such as a breast exam, pelvic exam, and STI testing can be included too. Your private GP at the Chelsea clinic can help you to decide which tests are most appropriate for you.


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