Our service is the one of the first of its kind in West London.

I always leave my appointments with a smile and a sense of calm. I will be forever grateful to the staff at the Women's Wellness Centre. I highly recommend the Peace of Mind Package at the Women's Wellness Centre.

SAS Patient

Excellent - unbelievable, professional service end to end and the most lovely sonographer Mahnaz


Many thanks for forwarding me the report so quickly. I found really pleasant and comfortable this first visit at your Centre. My regards, and have a good day.

Carlotta - Febuary 2015

Kayleigh, thank you so much for the kindness and care I received yesterday, it was really supportive and helpful.

HP - November 2014

Priscilla was very warm and genuine. She immediately made me feel safe & comfortable. Her touch was like magic, putting my body at ease and providing me with peace of mind.

As I was pushing, Priscilla helped by massaging my sacrum as I sat on a birthing stool. I do not remember this as was “in the moment” but she remembers my shoulders dropping in relaxation and pushing only lasted 7 minutes so I guess it worked!Priscilla was there to comfort me during the after birth, which was unpleasant. My body was shaking and I was in pain so my husband took our baby and Priscilla stayed by my side.

While my husband took my son & mum home, Priscilla stayed with me. She not only kept me company as I was not feeling well, but also gently massaged me which soothed my tired & restless body and enabled me to finally get some good rest.

She came to visit within the first week to check in and make sure I felt alright. It was nice to run through the day and recollect all the memories.

It is helpful to have an extra supporter besides yours spouse; someone who can help keep you calm and focused.

LM - May 2014

Priscilla has an exceptionally warm and open personality; she is gentle natured and very understanding. I felt comfortable telling her all my hopes and fears and she listened and gave good advice on how best to plan the birth. I felt very reassured in her presence; she has a very calming aura.

Priscilla is at the beginning of her doula journey and she was open about the extent of her experience in this field but I knew she could help me, and for me it was more important I connected wholly with the doula than her having vast experience behind her. She truly supported me in my wishes and more than anything I felt completely cared for by her. Somehow I just felt relaxed knowing she would be with me and my husband at the birth. She maintained a calm environment for me throughout the labour and gave me encouragement when I needed it. She also knew when to step back and let me be.

We would just like to say how very thankful we are to have had such a wonderful birth experience and to have been helped so very much by someone so kind, caring and truly lovely! I feel very emotional just filling in this form and thinking back to the birth! So much of labour is about mental state and this is where a doula can really help. You have met and got to know each other before the birth, building up trust, confidence and understanding, which I believe, assist in what I would consider essential mental coaching through the stages of labour. I truly believe your mental state impacts hugely on the experience of birth, and the post natal period. I could never have believed it was possible to feel as calm, peaceful and fulfilled as I did after the birth of our son.

Suzannah - April 2014

I wanted to thank you for the excellent advice and support given by you and your team throughout my pregnancy and the birth of our daughter. We felt that we could really trust your expertise and felt really cared for.

In particular, I would like to highlight the outstanding support that we have received from Lydia Sawyer. Thank you for recommending Lydia as the midwife for our postnatal care. She did an amazing job, in particular on breastfeeding. We were really impressed by her knowledge and her ability to explain the key facts to us, her availability at short notice at such an important time and how she gave us consistent and credible advice. We were so glad to have the continuous advice by one person whom we trusted. I will recommend Lydia to friends.


I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team – Kristina called me to tell me that I am six weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy so I am equally excited and nervous – it was lovely to walk into your clinic and be met by such a welcoming and reassuring team.


You offer a wonderful service that I have benefitted from greatly throughout my pregnancy.


Thanks Lydia for a really good first aid course on Friday night. You were brilliant!


Shradha is fantastic, a truly memorable experience, thank you.


Excellent - unbelievable, professional service end to end and the most lovely sonographer Mahnaz


Kristina and Mahnaz are both wonderful!


Junell was the best nurse I had ever had. She really made an anxiety filled process much easier.


Let me take this occasion to say that, in my experience, I have been really positively impressed by everyone in your team. Miss Ayida of course, but also the very kind sonographer Ms Amin, the cheerful midwife Sam, and the continuous and kind assistance via phone and email.

ES Patient

Sam is an excellent teacher who strikes a good balance between getting key information across and keeping things relaxed. We learnt a lot of really practical tips and went straight home to upgrade our first aid kit.

FR Patient

Thank you so much for your care and support throughout my pregnancy & the delivery of our daughter. We are grateful forever and would like to thank your loving & professional staff. They are wonderful.

SN Patient

I always leave my appointments with a smile and a sense of calm. I will be forever grateful to the staff at the Women's Wellness Centre. I highly recommend the Peace of Mind Package at the Women's Wellness Centre.

SAS Patient

Thank you for the wonderful birth experience! Everyone at the centre has been so helpful and attentive. We would recommend the centre to anyone.

RC Patient

Dear Gubby & the whole team at the women's wellness centre, thank you all so much for your professionalism and support throughout my pregnancy… & especially to you Gubby… we really are soooo grateful! We look forward to hopefully seeing you in the next couple of years.

VB Patient

My experience at WWC in 2009 was life changing and life affirming! Going into pregnancy I was wary that no service outside the USA would compare. Now I wonder what on earth could compare to WWC. Gubby is a true professional and WWC is a haven of women-centric progressive health.

EP Patient

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