Ultrasound Scans When You’re Expecting Twins

Ultrasound scans are an important part of your antenatal care, particularly if you are expecting more than one baby. During a multiple pregnancy, you should expect to have more than just the routine dating and mid-pregnancy scans.

1. Finding Out You’re Expecting Twins or More:
Your first ultrasound at the London clinic is usually when you will find out if you are expecting more than one baby. If you are having a multiple pregnancy, you should expect to have more frequent ultrasound scans during the rest of your pregnancy. Your scans will also take longer because all of the checks will need to be performed for each baby in turn and they may get in the way of each other.
2. Chorionicity Scan:
If you are expecting more than one baby, you will probably want to know if they are identical or not. Your doctor will also want to check whether they are sharing a placenta, as this can make it more difficult for both babies to get the nutrition and support they need. Both these questions can be answered with a chorionicity scan at about 11 to 13 weeks. If the babies do share a placenta, they will be identical. If they don’t, they might still be identical but they could also be non-identical twins.
3. Extra Growth Checks:
During your third trimester, your doctor will recommend regular scans at the London clinic to check on your babies, particularly if they do share a placenta. It is important to ensure both babies are growing properly and that there are no health issues.
4. Doppler Umbilical Scans:
You may also need a special kind of ultrasound at the London clinic. A Doppler scan can measure the flow of blood through the umbilical artery supplying each baby, which can ensure that they are getting enough nutrition and oxygen. If there are any issues, you might need additional tests and treatment.
5. Preparing for the Birth:
Your doctor will want to check the position of your babies as you approach the end of the pregnancy. If one or both twins are in a difficult position, the doctor might recommend having a Caesarean.
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