What to Expect at Your 12 Week Dating Scan

Most women have their first pregnancy scan at about 12 weeks. Here are a few things you should know about your first ultrasound.



1. It does not have to be at 12 weeks: Although the dating scan is often called the 12 week scan, you can arrange it at any point between 8 and 14 weeks. We should still be able to get a good picture, confirm the length of the pregnancy, and perform all of the necessary health checks during your private pregnancy scan at our clinic in London.


2. You will get your due date: The reason this is known as the dating scan is that we will be able to tell how old your baby is when we see him or her. Just remember that the due date we give is only an estimate.


3. You should drink some water: Having a full bladder will make it easier for us to get a clear picture during your private pregnancy scan at the London clinic. You should also wear something that can easily be lifted away from your stomach.


4. It only takes 20 minutes: Your 12 week scan can usually be completed in between 15 and 30 minutes. It depends how easily we can get the pictures we need for the health checks, and it will also take a little longer if we find out that you are expecting twins or more. If you are, this will probably be the moment you find out.


5. You will get some important health checks: It is easy to forget that there are important medical reasons for having an ultrasound when you are caught up in the excitement of seeing your baby for the first time. However, your doctor will be checking your baby’s growth and development during the scan. The nuchal translucency measure is one of the important checks done at the 12 week scan and it can indicate whether your baby might be at higher risk of down’s syndrome. While most babies are healthy, there is a chance that a problem like this will be discovered, which may require extra testing or treatment. Try not to worry about your 12 week scan, but be aware that your private pregnancy scan in London is still a medical check up.

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