Why Have a 4D Scan During Pregnancy?


If you’ve seen some of the amazing pictures created by 4D ultrasounds, you might be considering arranging an appointment to have one yourself. Having a 4D scan in London is very easy and there are some good reasons to add one of these special ultrasounds to your antenatal care schedule.


Having a 4D Ultrasound

Getting a 4D ultrasound at the London clinic is very similar to having a normal scan. You will be asked to lie down while the ultrasound probe is passed over your abdomen. The difference is that when the pictures appear on the screen, they will reveal a 3D image of your baby’s face. You will be able to see your baby’s features clearly and enjoy watching what he or she is up to in the womb. It is common to see babies moving around, sucking a thumb, or even sticking our their tongues during the scans.

Top Reasons for Having 4D Scans

Although 4D scans are not part of your routine antenatal care in London, they can be a great experience. There are some very good reasons to consider booking a 4D ultrasound at our clinic in London.

  • You’ll get another chance to see your baby before the birth. 4D scans are usually performed between 24 and 32 weeks, after the second routine ultrasound.
  • 4D scans show your baby in a completely different way. You’ll be able to watch your baby moving around and catch a glimpse of his or her face.
  • The pictures are much more detailed and easier to understand than the normal 2D black and white ultrasound images. It’s easy to pick out your baby’s features and so clear that you’ll even be able to tell if he or she is smiling.
  • The sonographer will be able to perform a few health checks during the scan, so you’ll be reassured that your baby is doing well. The 4D ultrasound can be used to check on your baby’s growth, position and development.
  • It’s another chance to learn your baby’s sex, if it wasn’t clear during the routine scan or you’ve changed your mind about finding out.


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