Our duty is to deliver a brand promise to assure your health and be with you every step of the way.

On this page, you will find everything to help you safeguard your health during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Stay well, stay strong, stay connected.

The Centre

We will not stop.

To ensure your wellness, ongoing care and paramount safety during these unprecedented times, we have put in place 3 main measures for both our Team and Patients, in line with up to date Public Health England Guidance.

Managing coronavirus infection in pregnancy

We know you may have many questions regarding how to manage the risk of coronavirus infection during your pregnancy and we hope to help you to find some peace of mind and provide with you on going updates and guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG).

Facebook Group for daily support

As leaders in assuring women’s health, especially during pregnancy, we know only too well how the changing news and concerns will be physically and mentally challenging.

Our ethos is to be with you at every step of the way and we feel that especially during this Covid-19 emergency we need to deliver on our brand promise. 

For these reasons we have decided to create a free Facebook group to ensure you can receive ongoing support by our senior midwife and Consultants in light of this national emergency. This will hopefully answer your many questions and allay your fears during the pregnancy.

 To request access to the Facebook group please click on the button below.

The Centre: with you at every step of the Covid-19 emergency

To ensure your wellness, ongoing care and paramount safety during these unprecedented times, we have put in place 3 main measures for both our Team and Patients, in line with up to date Public Health England Guidance.

Video or Telephone Consultation

We are fortunate that patients attending the Centre tend to be well, in good health and not elderly. However, should you be unable to, or prefer not to attend the Centre or need to self-isolate, we are pleased to say we will be able to attend to you by providing telephone or video consultations.

These will be suitable for many of the consultations with our consultants or GPs.

Should you need to attend for specific tests or scans this can be subsequently arranged.
For more details on this option, please click the button below to contact us


We continue with vigilant observance of our routine practice of regular hand washing and hand sanitising measures and all our team have had infection prevention training and are meticulously following alerts and updates from Public Health England and the NHS

  • We have increased the frequency of deep cleaning at the Centre.

  • We will not be booking appointments with any patients who are unwell.

  • Clinical and Non-clinical teams are wearing masks, aprons and gloves and they will be strictly self-isolating if they show any symptoms as per latest guidance.

  • We have plans for consultant cross cover and sonographer cross cover where self-isolation is required and appointments cannot be rescheduled.

  • We will be restricting opening times temporarily to ensure adequate staff and consultant cover during this period. Our opening hours may change weekly and we are constantly updating our website, please stay connected.

  • We are introducing gaps between all patient appointments to control the number of people present at the Centre at any given time (we will be using both our waiting areas with appropriate spacing between chairs).

All your appointments under one safe roof

At the Women’s Wellness Centre you can have all your visits under one roof in an environment which remains our calm and dedicated to minimising any worries about heading out to crowded spaces or moving around in an acute hospital.

We won’t stop as your health needs won’t stop.

There are a few things that you could do to assist us in protecting you, us and others:

  • No need to shake hands – elbow bump, smile or casual salute is fine.

  • When you arrive and leave the Centre, please use the hand sanitiser by the door. 

  • Follow our staff instruction and wait for your appointment in the assigned spot – we are practising social distancing and utilising both our waiting areas. You will also see a line around reception, please stand behind this.

  • Please postpone your booking if you are self-isolating or have a high temperature or new cough.

  • We regret for safety reasons, we are unable to permit entry into the clinic anyone other than the patient. 

Managing coronavirus infection in pregnancy

Recommended Self-isolation

Pregnant women do not appear to be more susceptible to the consequences of coronavirus than the general population and there is no evidence that the virus can pass to a baby during pregnancy (RCOG Guidance March 2020).
The Prime Minister suggests that pregnant women should voluntarily self-isolate for a few weeks.
This, however, is purely a precautionary measure, to reduce any possible theoretical risk to the baby’s growth and a risk of preterm birth should the mother become unwell.
Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Royal College of Midwives and Royal College of Paediatricians support this and reiterate that pregnant women do not appear to be more susceptible.

Pregnant women should keep antenatal appointments

Some maternity units are now arranging remote telephone or video antenatal appointments. 

  • If you have scheduled any appointments, please check with your hospital or clinic before to attend them. 
  • Ensure your maternity unit is aware if you change your telephone number. 
  • If you need to have a physical examination or investigations eg blood tests or scans then you may need to attend separately for this. 

So do familiarise yourself with how you can access the antenatal services in coming weeks. 

All maternity units are committed to your care and safety it may just look very different to how it was. 

 We will also be able to provide telephone or video consultations.

For more details on this option, please click the button below to contact us

Prevention and update

For further information about Covid-19 from NHS, GOV, and RCOG

From Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

COVID-19 infection and pregnancy: Published Wednesday 26 March 2020

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