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*Please note that you are entitled to do Antibody testing only if you feel well and you have no symptoms. 
Whether are you experiencing any coronavirus symptoms of flu or cough please call 111 and follow NHS guidelines.

What is COVID-19 Antibody testing (Serological tests) and why it is effective?

An antibody (serology) test can detect if a person has had SARS CoV-2 infection ( also called COVID-19/Coronavirus), and has since generated an immune (antibody) response.

This test involves taking a blood sample to detect IgG antibodies present in the blood if a person has had the infection.

While IgM antibody indicate a recent infection usually within the prior 2-3 weeks, IgG antibody detect an older infection and the IgG level can stay positive for a considerable time. 

Antibody Testing for Covid-19

The new CIMA Assay Antibody testing for COVID-19 approved by PHE (Public Health of England)

The SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) Antibody testing is a CIMA assay manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and only recently approved by the Public health of England (PHE) and by the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The assay is CE marked which makes it a reputable and high-grade laboratory test and has also been validated against the gold standard PCR methods which are used by CDC.

The Abbott antibody test is laboratory-based test, and has a faster turnaround time (24 hours) for test results, is even marginally more accurate than the ELISA assay ( previously considered the most accurate and reliable)  and the best news of all is now being manufactured at a more affordable price (£92.00)

How Antibody testing works

The COVID-19 Antibody test is a chemiluminescent microparticle assay (CIMA) used for the qualitative detection of IgG antibodies to COVID-19 infection in human serum and plasma.

When to do an antibody testing to detect COVID-19 immunity

Ideally, the time for the test is from 14 days after the date when the symptoms consistent with COVID-19 started.

IgM antibodies are detected 7-14 days after the onset of infection whilst IgG antibodies are detected 14-21 days after infection and can last lifetime. 

Difference between Test for COVID-19 and Antibody testing for COVID-19

If people want to know if their symptoms are being caused by COVID-19 and whether they need to self-isolate for the full 14 days and contact all their contacts, then they should have PCR test (diagnostic test) which will detect the current Coronavirus infection with or without symptoms.

Antibody testing is to detect if you have had Coronavirus infection in the past.

Difference Covid-19 Swab test and Antibody Test

Is Antibody test for COVID-19 accurate?

The test is very accurate with a specificity of 100% and sensitivity of 99.73% and with antibodies test you can detect if you have been infected by Coronavirus infection whether you have had typical symptoms or not. 

We know there are people who have antibodies without apparently having any marked symptoms of flu or without feeling ill.

So results will tell us:

  • (i)There is NO evidence of prior infection
  • (ii) There is evidence of a previous, resolved SARS CoV-2 infection (IgG)

How accurate this test is:

  • Overall Sensitivity: 99.73%
  • Overall Specificity: 100%

This test has an extremely low probability of a false positive.

A positive test has great value because a person then knows that they have had the COVID-19 infection.

Negative tests should be treated with caution. A negative antibody test result may indicate either that the antibody levels are not high enough to be detected, or that the patient has not been infected by the virus.

Our laboratory:

The test is IgG antibody CIMA assay using a CPA approved and certified laboratory in London. The assay is CE marked which makes it a reputable and high-grade laboratory test.

Is Antibody testing for COVID-19 worth it ?

Antibody testing is currently the only test offering us some reassurance and peace of mind.

Today the Government recognises how valuable Antibody testing is (as has been shown in many other countries) and is now approving tests.

Even if it is not fully confirmed whether evidence of a previous COVID-19 infection provides any on-going immunity or protection against future infections, this test is now being offered to key workers and is playing a role in phased lifting of lock down in many countries. 

What is known is that many people have peace of mind from knowing they have had the virus already.

It is important that even if the result is positive one should continue with regular hand washing, social distancing and shielding from vulnerable individuals.

*you are entitled to do Antibody testing only if you feel well and you have no symptoms. 
Whether are you experiencing any coronavirus symptoms of flu or cough please call 111 and follow NHS guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Antibody testing in the world

Antibody tests have proved a huge success in South Korea, Taiwan and China. These countries have successfully led the international fight against this corona virus. Germany also was the first Western country to contain the spread of the virus successfully. It now leads the Western world in mass antibody testing which helps it to gain a better understanding of how deeply the virus has penetrated society and which social restrictions are most effective in straightening the infection curve.

2. Antibody testing home kit

At the moment we have available on the market plenty of home test kit ( for most of any health concerns you may have), to the point the Gov is promoting a #FakeMeds campaign, a public health campaign which aims to reduce the harm caused by purchasing fake or unlicensed medical products online.

The reasons why we have chosen to provide you with a laboratory-based process rather than a home kit, it is we wanted to be sure we were providing you with the highest quality service available in the market.

We are not saying that all home kits are less effective, but we preferred to choose a product that we consider is reliable and confirmed high accuracy and from an accredited laboratory.