Dr Sadia.k.Bhatti

Consultant Obstetrician


  • Member Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Specialist Services:

  • High-Risk Pregnancies
  • Medical disorders in pregnancies
  • Older age group women
  • Assisted conception pregnancies
  • Prenatal Counseling for maternal disease or before IVF pregnancy
  • Postnatal Complications

About Dr Sadia.k.Bhatti

Dr.Bhatti’s present job responsibilities include clinical and senior management role as a lead Consultant for Labour ward and Postnatal care. Looking in to ways to improve women experience during and after birth. Dr.Bhatti is lead clinician for maternal age clinic at Kings, which cater for complex older age group pregnancies. She also have specialist maternal medicine joint clinics in Obstetric Rheumatology, Inflammatory bowel disease and neurology.

She is a lead clinician for Maternity Critical care, with vision to establish safer childbirth for high risk pregnancies.

She has an active interest in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and is lead clinician for Women health Kings college London medical students rotation. Ms.Bhatti is course director for RCOG second stage management operative birth training course and academic lead at British in trapartum care society(BICCS).

She is passionate about safer childbirth and reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. She also deliver life saving skills courses for mothers and babies in under resourced African and Asian countries as a faculty member of Liverpool school of Tropical medicine.

Ms.Bhatti is passionate about working along with my patients and facilitating safe childbirth especially for women who are deemed high risk pregnancies. She is strong advocate of maintaining women physical fitness during and after birth. She offers meet and greet opportunities to couples so that they can make a positive choice of birth attendant. Ms.Bhatti has experience of working with and respecting diverse cultural and religious backgrounds of women.

Ms Bhatti believes in empowering women (high and low risk) with making choices for their birth and supporting them through pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Ms Bhatti believes in providing continuity of care and is contactable 24/7 via email and text messages.

Languages: English Urdu Punjabi Hindi