Dr Stavy Nikitopoulou

GP & Functional Medicine


  • British General Medical Council
  •  Hellenic Medical Association
  • Faculty of Homeopathy
  • Hellenic Medical Association of Classical Homeopathy

Specialist Services:

  • Functional Medicine Specialist
  • General Practitioner (GP) – Family Doctor
  • Homeopathic Doctor  
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Acupuncture Specialist – ACU Med

About Dr Stavroula Nikitopoulou

Dr Stavroula (Stavy) Nikitopoulou has extensive experience as a GP, as well as qualifications from prestigious entities such as the University of Functional Medicine (South Carolina, US). She also has a Master of Science (MSc) in Holistic Medicine, has training in classical Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

During her 15+ years of medical practice, she has successfully treated patients with conditions as diverse as metabolic diseases, diabetes, infertility, thyroid disorders, hormonal dysfunction, heart disease, digestive disorders, food intolerances (children and adults), chronic fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, depression and other complicated neurological cases.

In the preventive space, she has been managing patients’ health in the areas of men’s, women’s and children’s wellbeing and anti-ageing.

Dr Nikitopoulou understands the importance of a personalised approach for every patient. Therefore, she is passionate about developing a close working relationship with her patients to enable a deep understanding of their needs and concerns in order to identify and deliver the best treatment protocol through a combination of classical and complementary medicine.

Her diagnostic approach is based on the latest and most advanced testing from laboratories worldwide, including DNA testing (preventive medicine), combined with detailed patient consultation to identify the health imbalances responsible for the disease. This approach ensures that the treatment protocol delivers individualised self-care, dietary, supplementary and lifestyle recommendations for the restoration and promotion of health and wellbeing.

Your health and wellbeing is Dr Stavy’s greatest inspiration.

MD, GP, MSc, LFHOM, AcuScience, CFMP