Gynaecological transvaginal ultrasound scans

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A Gynae transvaginal ultrasound scans (also called pelvic ultrasound scan) uses sound waves, via the introduction of a probe gently placed in the vagina, to produce images on a monitor, which can be reproduced as a report for your doctor. 

Gynae transvaginal ultrasound scans are: 


Transvaginal ultrasound scans are performed by using a sonogram machine which determines the quality of the imagesThese images clearly reveal the structure of the female reproductive organs, the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus (womb). 

Transvaginal ultrasound scans can also accurately measure the size of these organs and their blood flow, including the thickness of the lining of the womb (endometrium). pelvic ultrasound scan can detect many things, including the presence of follicles on the ovaries and their maturity and abnormalities such as fibroids, cysts and the presence of solid tumours. earlypregscan

Our gynaecologists frequently use scanning technology both as a highly efficient diagnostic tool to aid clinical management and as a way to offer peace of mind screening at your annual well woman check-up or your one-off vaginal ultrasound scan. 


Pelvic Ultrasound scans reasons: when a transvaginal ultrasound scan is required

There are many reasons why you may want to have/may need a Gynaecologtransvaginal ultrasound scans and these may vary against your GP recommendation, stage in your life, treatments required.

Transvaginal Ultrasound Scans during pregnancy

  • Early Pregnancy Scans  

Many women are recommended to have a transvaginal ultrasound scan in their first trimester. 

At this stage of your pregnancy, they are more accurate than abdominal ultrasounds. If you have any complications during pregnancy, such as pain or bleeding, you may need one later as well. 

Early pregnancy transvaginal ultrasound scans can exclude ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage or diagnose multiple pregnanices. You can book online or contact us if you have any question.

Transvaginal Ultrasound Scans to check your fertility condition

  • Follicle tracking (natural and ovulation treatment cycle) 

Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan provides very useful information for women trying to conceive. 

The scan will reveal the state of the follicles (containing eggs) as they mature throughout the menstrual cycle. It can also be used to predict when ovulation will occur, giving you the best chance of conceiving naturally. 

By a specialist inserting fluid in the womb through the cervix a procedure called HycoSy, the specialist can check that the womb cavity is normal in shape with no polyps or fibroids and that the fallopian tubes are patent (open) as fluid can be seen flowing through the tube. You can book online or contact us if you have any question.

Transvaginal Ultrasound Scans to prevent ovarian cancer

  • Ovarian cancer screening test (with blood test for CA125) 

Gynaecological Ultrasound Scan will detect a suspected tumour, so that your Gynaecologist can determine what the next steps are in confirming the diagnosis and prescribing treatment. 

Sufferers have the best chance of a full recovery if the condition is diagnosed in the early stages, so it is advisable to have ovarian cancer screening in the form of a scan routinely, rather like having a smear test (link to smear test page) every three years, to prevent disease going undetected and thus untreated. Screening can start after the menopause or earlier if there is a family history of ovarian cancer or by genetic testing (link to genetic testing page). 

Included with your pelvic ultrasound scans a blood test is taken to check CA125 (cancer antigen-125 tumor marker). You can book online or contact us if you have any question.

Transvaginal Ultrasound Scans to assess Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids in the Uterus and The Lining of the Womb.

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan to assess Ovarian Cysts  

Ovarian cysts can develop around the ovaries and these are usually harmless fluid filled pockets. Some can commonly and naturally develop around the time of ovulation. Some can be benign ( non-cancer cysts ) which can be monitored till they resolve or if large or causing symptoms such as pain can be removed surgically . 

Some small cysts arranged in a particular pattern can give diagnosis for a condition called polycystic ovaries  which can cause irregular periods and a particular appearance of ovarian cysts can be endometriosis cysts (sometimes called chocolate cysts) or dermoids.  Ovarian cancer cysts can also be detected because of certain features on ultrasound

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan to assess Fibroids in the Uterus 

Fibroids are benign growths in the muscle of the womb and can form at any time in a woman’s life before the menopause. They can be incidental findings and small and not cause any problems. However, depending on where they are located they can sometimes cause problems 

For instance if located with the cavity (lining of the womb they can cause difficulties with fertility or miscarriage or heavy periods. Multiple fibroids can lead to heavy, painful periods and the scan will be able to locate, measure and assess any fibroids. Fibroids if present during pregnancy, may grow and need to be monitored by pelvic scan 

  • Transvaginal Ultrasound Scan to check the Lining of the Womb 
  • The lining of the womb is known as the endometrium. An ultrasound Scan can be used to measure the thickness of this lining, which during reproductive years, grows thicker as the cycle progresses and eventually sheds, resulting in a period if there is no pregnancy in that cycle. If the endometrium is thin, this may be a sign of the absence of ovulation, if measured at the end of a typical four week cycle. 

    Also irregularity of the endometrium can suggest a polyp. If it is thick, for instance after the menopause, then this would be something your Gynaecologist would investigate to ensure all is well. 

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