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The first-line investigation of tubal patency.

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What is a HyCoSy test?

The Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy) is a fertility scan designed for women to check their fallopian tubes are not blocked. This short procedure is also used for investigating the cavity (inside) of the uterus and the fallopian tubes to ensure an egg can travel down them with ease. If either the cavity is abnormal or the tubes are damaged, it may be difficult to become pregnant.

A HyCoSy test will show if the fallopian tubes are open or blocked, and also if the cavity of the womb is normal or irregular eg because of polyps or fibroids.


HyCoSy procedure at The Women’s Wellness Centre, London

A HyCoSy fertility scan is carried by our experienced Fertility Specialist with assistance from our nurse and usually a sonographer as well.

The best time to perform a HyCoSy is approximately day 5 to day 11 of a regular 28-day (monthly) menstrual cycle.

HyCoSy involves a baseline ultrasound scan using a vaginal probe, to assess the uterus and ovaries, then you have a speculum to see the cervix (neck of the womb). This is like a smear test. A thin plastic catheter is inserted in the neck of the womb and then the speculum is removed.

Through this catheter, a small amount of fluid is inserted in the uterus. This is sterile water mixed with air bubbles and then usually a white liquid, which acts as a contrast medium. While the fluid is inserted in the uterus you have another ultrasound scan through your vagina and the doctor and the sonographer can see the fluid filing up the cavity of the womb and flowing through the fallopian tubes.

The procedure takes around 20 min. It does not require an anaesthetic or sedation. After the end of the procedure, we normally advise you to remain in the centre for another 20min or so while we are offering you a cup of tea or coffee.

Our nurse will be there to look after you throughout the procedure until you leave the Centre.

When HyCosy is performed?

You can be referred for a HyCoSy after an initial fertility assessment or if you have some concerns with regards to your fertility.

The best time to have a HyCoSy test is soon after the end of the period and before you ovulate.

You cannot have this test while you are on a period. Obviously, you cannot have this if you could be pregnant. If you are pregnant the HyCoSy can cause a miscarriage or other problems. Ideally, you should also have a urinary pregnancy test at home before you come for a HyCoSy

HyCoSy risk and side effect

HyCoSy is a safe procedure with only a 1% chance of getting an infection. To reduce this risk we normally give a course of prophylactic antibiotics after the procedure to avoid this.

You should not have a HyCoSy if you have vaginal bleeding or if there is any possibility at all that you can be pregnant. You cannot have a HyCoSy if you have abnormal vaginal discharge and you think you may have an infection.

HyCoSy is usually a well-tolerated procedure. In a small minority of cases, some women can feel faint or nauseous. This is caused by the rich nerve-supply of the cervix.

We normally recommend that you take a couple of painkillers, such as Ibuprofen, half an hour before the procedure. In a small minority of cases, some women may experience more painful cramps that may last for 24 hours and require painkillers. It is normal to have vaginal discharge or even some bleeding after the procedure.

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