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Medical and Wellness advice on your approach to Pregnancy

Pregnancy Lifestyle

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Everything you should know about mind and body changes during Pregnancy

Pregnant women have many questions about mind and body changes:

  • How is my body going to change?
  • Am I too old to be pregnant?
  • Am I happy to be pregnant? Should I be Happier?
  • Why am I starting to be so anxious?
  • How should I eat? Do I change my diet?
  • Can I carry on with training?
  • Can I still have sex safely?

And so on…… 
The list of questions when pregnant can be endless.
Every woman has doubt and these vary as every woman is different. 
Whether pregnant for the first or third time, your body and mind can respond differently each time 

At The Women’s Wellness Centre
we decided to hold this special educational event dedicated to all the women who are dealing with life whilst pregnant. 

As Leaders in Assuring Women’s Health for 15 years, we know how pregnancy can be both exciting and difficult at the same time for many reasons and how prevention and knowledge can make all the difference during your pregnancy. 

Many aspects of your health and wellbeing can be affected during pregnancy and we want to share with you Medical and Wellness advice from some of our experienced and enthusiastic specialists!

Our Speakers

Dr Sadia Bhatti

Consultant Obstetrician

Dr Sadia Bhatti will speak on the benefits of Obstetric input in older age mums to be, IVF pregnancies, assisted deliveries and Maternal request C-sections.

Dr Lucinda Green

Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist

Dr Lucinda Green will speak on Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health in Pregnancy and After Birth. How you can prevent, care and treat mental health problems and Pregnancy planning for women with pre-existing mental health problems.

Tankut Kofturcu

Sports Therapist and Nutritional Advisor

Tankut will speak on the benefit of exercise and diet during and after pregnancy and how you can reclaim and maintain your identity and body during one of the greatest times of transformation in a woman's life.

Dominique Antigo
Sophrologist and best-selling author

Discover how Sophrology combines breathing, relaxation, visualisation and body awareness to help you navigate life’s ups and downs and supports you to positively deal with stress during IVF, pregnancy, or as a young parent.

Priscilla Ferreira
Holistic Pratictioner

At our event our holistic practitioner Priscilla Ferreira will be able to discuss the benefits of different therapeutic massages in pregnancy whilst offering a free trial to experience the power of her massages.

At the end of the event we would love you to stay with us for a little #celebrationparty

Refreshments will accompany the presentation of our new website!

Pregnancy Lifestyle

Coming Soon

Limited Availability. If you want to book your place please contact us or call us on 020 7751 4488 

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What our patients say about us:

Client Photo
Nadine Kaadan Children's book author and illustrator, Winner of the Award for Culture 2019

I had a wonderful experience at the Women's Wellness Center during my first baby's pregnancy, Everyone is so warm and friendly and Dr Guby made my birth easy and such a beautiful experience to remember. I can't recommend it enough!

Client Photo
Eloise Edingto Founder & Director of Fertility Help Hub

It was at The Women’s Wellness Centre where we found out via an early pregnancy scan that we were expecting twins. The service was professional and personal and we were offered appointment times later in the evening, to suit our busy working lives. The clinic is warm and inviting and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Client Photo
Dominique Antiglio Founder of BeSophro

I have always felt safe and very well looked after by Dr.Aiyda. Her professionalism and ability to listen really makes a difference. Thank you very much for the good care!