Gubby Ayida

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
CEO & Founder

A graduate of Somerville College, Oxford University and St Thomas’s Medical School, London, Gubby’s guiding philosophy is based on a respect for pregnancy as a state of health, and childbirth as a normal, healthy physiological process. Click here to find out more.

She is the Founder and CEO of The Women’s Wellness Centre which over the last 15 years has grown organically, developing a strong established brand and loyal following. This is credited to the excellent clinical services provided by the Centre’s renowned consultant specialists, clinical team and helpful staff.

”I designed our practice with women rightfully at the centre, realising my dream of creating a Centre dedicated to all aspects of women’s health and wellbeing in a single location.”

Leila Arjomandi

Centre Manager

Leila has always been passionate about health and prevention since high school when she joined WHO volunteer groups to help with Polio vaccination and family planning focus groups within disadvantaged areas across the country. Led by this passion she got a degree in medical microbiology and worked as a biomedical scientist at one of WHO’s reference laboratories based in Tehran-Iran before she moved to England back in 1998. She continued her professional and academic education in London gaining experience in the medical business sector and by completing a masters degree in business management from Westminster business school in 2008 . She is a fellow member of The Chartered Institute of Management.

Originally from Iran, she has been living in London for the past 21 years with her daughter, husband and two cats.

“I am honoured to be part of the most amazing team at the Centre, working with Miss Ayida and our great clinical and non-clinical team has given me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. Being the Centre manager has given me the opportunity to be directly involved with keeping up with exciting new medical and clinical sciences and technology and implementing then when required and using my management skills to create a unique place for our patients and our community. The Women’s Wellness Centre is my 2 home and I adore my team.”

Andreia Magalhaes

Deputy Centre Manager

Originally from Portugal, Andreia moved to London to grow professionally and learn other cultures while using her strengths to helping others. She has been working in private health care for 6 years having moved from private hospitals to The Women’s Wellness centre looking for a less corporate to a more patient-focused centre.

Distinguished by her proactive, patient care, and equally excellent coordinating skills. As our clinic coordinator, Andreia is the important link between the reception staff, clinicians and the Centre manager.

In her spare time, she loves reading and being creative with DIY art projects.

“I am proud of being part of The Women’s Wellness Centre team because patient’s care and wellbeing is a top priority and I feel all my hard work to achieve this daily is valued within the team. My aim is to ensure that all our patients feel that they are well taken care off and have our support every step of their journey from their first contact with us.”


Makeda Davis

Receptionist and Customer Service

Makeda has combined knowledge of ophthalmic health, cosmetic satisfaction, and personalised customer experience, which has driven her passion to work with overall Wellness.

Passionate and driven to exceed client expectations, she enjoys social interactions with patients while ensuring they have a pleasant and enjoyable time at our centre. She is also a lover of children and is always more than happy to spend time with any children coming to the centre.

“Joining The Women’s Wellness Centre, I have embarked on the Wellness journey for myself , and have a greater appreciation of overall health, so I extend this to all who enter our centre, having the opportunity to be a part of helping individuals, is a part of my work but also a part of life.

I am so pleased that I’m in a environment where I can help someone fill that sense of happiness in their lives.”

Junell Williams

Senior Primary Nurse & Clinical Co-Ordinator

Junell is our Senior Primary Nurse & Clinical Co-Ordinator. She is Team leader for our health care assistants & phlebotomists. As the longest serving staff member (since 2009), she represent the Centre’s family ethos. Much loved by patients, returning patients say “it like coming to visit her professionalism and experience create a relaxed, calm and trusting environment whether this is vaccinations a good friend or family member”.

Her professionalism and experience create a relaxed, calm and trusting environment whether this is vaccinations for children or taking blood for nervous mums.

“The centre is a wonderful and welcoming place to work and is also both family orientated and family friendly, Throughout my career I have always strived to give an excellent standard of care to ensure all patient’s feel truly supported throughout their pregnancy or medical treatment experience at the centre. I believe in listening to the patient and having their best interest at heart while managing their expectations/fears throughout is of paramount importance to me. Caring for our patient’s give a me a feel-good factor and my desire is the patient experience is a positive one.” 

Solene Dagand

Healthcare Assistant

Solene has been trained as a Nurse in France and she practised for several years in Geneva, Switzerland.

In her last work experience, she have assisted the management in the establishment of a new private clinic.

She had the opportunity to perform multi tasks and to practise in various departments (Walk-In, Ambulatory Surgery, Paediatrics…).

She also loves travel and practise yoga. 

“I recently moved to London for a new challenge. I have always been involved in providing cares and helping people. My role includes taking bloods and assisting the consultants during examinations and procedures.”

Bina Bawhan


Originally South African, Bina qualified as a diagnostic Radiographer and Sonographer in South Africa and worked in their public and private sector for a number of years before moving to London 10 years ago. She specialises in general, gynaecology and obstetric ultrasound imaging.

Accredited with the Health and Care Professions Council (HPCUK) and certified with the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) for NuchalTranslucency Screening. She’s worked in various NHS trusts in a permanent and capacity before starting at The Women’s Wellness Centre.

Bina is able to offer early pregnancy, gynaecology – including patients who are having fertility treatment abroad – and obstetric scans.

She has a professional but personable approach to her patients and is more than welcome to accommodate patients who are nervous or anxiousor need re-assurance.

Elena Leysk

Senior Sonographer

Elena has been working as a sonographer since 2009 and also carries overseas medical degree from 1998.

She qualified from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2009 as Ultrasonographer. During her training she worked at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital completing training in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Abdominal Ultrasound. She has a special interest in HyCoSy and fertility diagnostics.

Elena joined the Women’s Wellness Centre in 2014 having previously worked in the NHS.

She is easy to approach and a great listener, and is also able to carry out ultrasound examinations in both English and Russian.

Federica Allegro

Marketing Manager

Customer-oriented, digital marketing strategy and community manager, Federica is currently a member of The Charted Institute of Marketing and she is simultaneously pursuing professional training and study.

Federica had worked within the business of one of the most important Italian transformational Coach and Author, where her passion for education and self-development have been meeting business needs.

Originally from Italy, she decided to move to London to expand her experience in a new market.

Used to communicating with women, she is sensitive to their desires and needs, and is now responsible for looking after our online community, offline events and accurately presenting the Centre’s image.

“My mission is to develop a marketing and ethical communication that is able to create a relationship rather than promotions and to give real value to the people are following us. Within our newsletter, social media channels and offline event we want to keep our women and their family informed.”

Laolu Akerele

Marketing Assistant

A Graduate in Philosophy and Ethics from Manchester University, Laolu joined the Marketing Team at Women’s Wellness Centre in late 2019. 

He had previously worked at the Centre for a summer job in 2018 as an admin receptionist, so joining in the Centre in a substantive role has been habit like coming home.

“I loved the social interactions and meeting and exceeding customer needs when I used to work on reception. I now get to be the creative team describing, communicating , informing and educating women and their family of the full range of services and resources available at the Centre to meet their individual needs.”


Thiha Zaw

Finance Manager

A Chartered Accountant working exclusively in Private Healthcare sector since 2006. Thiha qualified in 2010 and worked at the managerial level over the last 8 years covering full finance functions as well as IT, Projects and Financing especially for small and medium size businesses. 

He was awarded as one of the best performer at Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth in 2010. 

He is really passionate about Football, interested in music and playing guitar, politic and rebuilding of his mother land, Burma. Married to an HCA thus having synergy within his household. Respect the rights but swing more down to the responsibilities.

“I am a part of The Women’s Wellness Centre management team and responsible for the finance function. I am proud to represent the business externally eg at public events such as seminars.”

"To all the team at
The Women's Wellness Centre.
Thank you for being amazing"

-Patient Card-

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