Telephone and Video Consultations for all the Family

We are pleased to announce the new measures we have put in place to guarantee your safety, whilst ensuring you can still have access to our medical advice and expertise.

Our Consultations at the Centre will now have option of phone/video appointments rather than face to face in light of the Covid-19 emergency.

Should you need to attend in person for scans , tests or examination we have also put in place many safe procedures.

What’s has changed?

  • We are offering you telephone or video consultations as the default option unless you need a specific test or examination.

  • Even if you need to come in for examination at a later date after a telephone or video consultation we will not apply any additional charge.

  • We are introducing gaps between all patient appointments to control the number of people present at the Centre at any given time (we will be using both our waiting areas with appropriate spacing between chairs and you will also see a line around reception, please stand behind this.).

  • We regret for safety reasons, we are unable to permit entry into the clinic anyone other than the patient. 

To keep things in perspective:

  • We are looking after the ‘well’ womann end of the patient spectrum not hospital.
  • All women are screened and advised NOT to attend the Centre if they have any symptoms.
  • Additional cleaning throughout the day and increased deep cleaning is happening at the Centre and intentional sanitiser use and regular hand washing for staff and patients encouraged.

  • Clinical and Non-clinical teams are wearing masks, aprons and gloves and they will be strictly self-isolating if they show any symptoms as per latest guidance.


These measures are intended to keep us functioning and able to provide a valuable service with the least disruption as possible in these extremely demanding times, whilst maintaining the utmost adherence to infection prevention protocols, guidance and directives.

Who does Telephone or Video Consultations ?

You can book your Telephone or video Consultation for any of these services:

How to book your Telephone or Video Consultation

Your Consultation can be requested either:

How to attend your Telephone or Video Consultation

  • Your phone

  • Zoom

  • Skype

Please contact us if you need help to use one of the above video or calling tools.

How long will my Telephone or Video Consultation take?

Telephone and Video Consultation will take the same expected time as a face to face consultation at the Centre minus any examination time.

How much do Telephone or Video Consultation cost?

Telephone and Video Consultations costs are the same and offer the same high level of care and expertise you would receive during face to face consultation at the Centre.

If following the Telephone and Video Consultation you are advised to come to the Centre for a specific test, or scan then only the costs for the tests will apply. However, if you need to attend for an examination we will not apply any additional charge.

Message from The Women’s Wellness Centre Team

We are operating at a whole new level of disruption and uncertainty and we working in very different ways, but we are still here.

We will not stop. Our job is a brand promise to assure your health and be with you every step of the way.

It may look different, feel different but all the foundational principles are the same.

Stay well, Stay safe, Stay Connected

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