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Obstetric Chambers at the Centre

About the Chambers

 Our chamber of Obstetricians brings together at the Centre a dedicated team of renowned and expert Consultant Obstetricians with a high level support base of dedicated in-house pregnancy services. If you are seen by a Chamber Obstetrician you will have:

  • Your antenatal appointments, blood tests and scans at the Centre
  • Your delivery across the road at the Private Kensington Wing of the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

The Chamber team combines significant Obstetric medical experience and expertise with the highest levels of out-patient care and support from the Centre.

The wider Chamber team includes experienced senior midwives, and a Complementary Therapies team comprising an acupuncturist, a women’s health physiotherapist, doula services and pregnancy massages. Extended hours on-site scanning is provided by our Senior sonographers and Fetal Medicine Specialists. Your mental wellbeing is looked after by our Consultant perinatal psychiatrist. The entire team embraces, reflects and are entirely committed to the Centre’s passion for providing care and expertise while ensuring we are with you every step of the way, even with paediatricians for your baby check and vaccination schedules. Readily available on site for your convenience will be different pregnancy products such as vitamins, flight socks, tummy belts, caesarean section scar healing tapes, to name a few.

Contact points

 The Chambers have dedicated senior personnel for initial contact:

Leila and Andreia are available every day to help with all your questions on how our chamber of Obstetricians at the Centre will support all the needs of your pregnancy.

 Please ask Leila and Andreia for our pricing sheet which includes:

  • Obstetric package prices for different stages
  • One-off Obstetric consultation
  • Blood tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Scanning prices
  • Other consultation prices
  • Midwifery (booking appointment included in package)
  • Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pregnancy / or lymphatic drainage massage
  • Paediatrician

Miss Vasso Terzidou:

I cannot praise Dr Vasso enough for the exceptional care I received from her throughout my pregnancy, and also during the delivery. She is caring yet extremely professional in her approach, always took the time to explain things and she would leave no stone unturned however small the ailment. I always felt 100% safe in her care and this could not have been more true on the delivery day itself. She managed the birth of our son beautifully from start to finish and, despite some rather painful contractions, the whole event was a calm and very happy one“.

Mr Amer Raza:

Thank you for taking such excellent care of me and baby. The delivery couldn’t have gone any better and the medical care and attention I received from you was highly professional and personalised, especially given the complications I experience with my last delivery. Thank you so much for your great care and attention both during my labour and delivery and also after the delivery. You made me feel very safe and secure.”

Mr Keith Duncan:

“Our experience with Keith has been phenomenal from start to finish he inspired confidence every step of the way reassuring us and carrying out thorough checks and scans regularly. Keith was always available to answer questions or concerns via text message and saw us at the drop of the hat whenever we were concerned during the pregnancy. This level of support was hugely appreciated by anxious first time parents. We had an elective c section and can honestly say it was a really fantastic experience with the bonus of a super neat scar which is barely visible! Thank you Keith.”

Mr Yemi Kuponiyi

Mr Kuponiyi performed my Caesarean section in September 2018. He was polite and professional and instantly set my husband and I at ease with his charming bedside manner. The operation was uneventful with minimal blood loss. I was discharged the next day and made a speedy recovery. I have been thrilled with the appearance of my scar from his meticulous technique. We are hugely impressed and grateful for the quality of care from Mr Kuponiyi and his team. Couldn’t recommend more highly. Thank you.”

Miss Sadia Bhatti

Highly professional, knowledgeable, kind, calm, empathetic and always available, pre and postnatal, Dr.Bhatti has been a pleasure to meet and have her in charge of a flawless delivery at King's private. She is a credit to her profession and I highly recommend her.

Our doctors

Yemi Kuponiyi


Vasso Terzidou


Amer Raza


Keith Duncan



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