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What is a Wellbeing and Growth Scan and how can it provide reassurance?

The Wellbeing and Growth Scan is usually performed in the third trimester or any time from the 24 weeks of pregnancy. Carried out by our expert Sonographer, this scan can assess your baby’s growth pattern and can be an important pregnancy scan moment for all parents-to-be.

Some of the reasons why a Wellbeing and Growth scan is requested or performed include :

  • See the baby’s heartbeat and baby’s movements
  • Baby’s growth measurements
  • Confirm the position of the baby eg if breech (head up)
  • Monitoring blood flow to the baby and placenta (called Dopplers)
  • Confirm the gender of baby
  • Check the position of the placenta
  • Assess the quantity of amniotic fluid (AFI) around the baby
  • Assess the individual growth of babies in twins or triplets

You however do not need a specific reason for attending this scan. Expected mums can decide to simply check the wellbeing and growth of their baby in the third trimester of pregnancy and before birth

When should you have a growth scan?

Apart from attending for a reassurance scan and to know your baby is growing well, there are some specific indications when a Wellbeing and Growth Scan is recommended:

  • Your Doctor or Midwife may suggest a scan if they think your baby feels smaller ( small for dates – SFD) or larger ( large for dates – LFD ) than expected for the stage of pregnancy.
  • History of previous premature delivery
  • History of maternal Thyroid problems
  • History of Fibroids to check position and size of fibroids which can grow in pregnancy
  • History of Maternal Type1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes or Gestational diabetes
  • A previous scan reported findings that are requiring future investigations
  • To assess for Vas preavia or Placenta pravie ( When blood vessels or placenta cross or are close to the cervix).
  • Previous history of pre-eclampsia in pregnancy
  • The placenta is low lying at the 20-week Anomaly scan and you wish to fly from 28 weeks of pregnancy
  • If you have experience adverse symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, fluid loss or abdominal pain

When is the best time to have a Growth scan?

This scan can be performed at any time after 24 weeks of pregnancy but usually from 28 weeks.

Growth scan from 28 weeks ( Fetal Growth and Wellbeing )

The best time for a reassurance scan on the baby’s growth is suggested between 28 weeks and 34 weeks of pregnancy. Your obstetrician or midwife may recommend serial growth scans in certain specific situations eg multiple pregnancy, previous small baby, diabetes in pregnancy.

Growth scan at 36 weeks ( Baby’s measurement )

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, the position of your baby in the womb usually stabilises. This time is perfect to check how your baby is positioned for birth.  The Growth scan at 36 weeks will reveal if the baby is in the normal position (head down), breech position (feet first) or lying sideways (transverse position).

Growth Scan at 22 to 30 weeks ( 3D - 4D scan )

If you can’t wait to see your baby, the best time to attend a 3D-4D scan is between 22 to 30 weeks of pregnancy. During this time you will have the chance to capture the clearest image of your pregnancy and start collecting unforgettable memories.

Your Wellbeing and Growth Scan at The Women’s Wellness Centre

At the Women’s Wellness Centre we are pleased to welcome you into our calm, relaxed and Covid secure environment.

Your scan is performed by our experienced Sonographer with cutting edge technologies which will provide you with the clearest image possible. You can also choose to have your scan performed by our expert Consultants if you will need a more specific professional advice.

Your appointment will last 30-40 minutes and we will  provide you with a detailed report with growth plotted out and images which can be shared with your healthcare team.

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