Health Insurance

With you at every step of your health insurance journey

You will find on this page everything you may want to know about using your health insurance to access care at The Women’s Wellness Centre.

If you are a health insurance provider and you would like to get in touch please contact us here.


Our offer to insured patients

The Women’s Wellness Centre was founded in 2005 on the principle that women deserve to have healthcare designed around them.

We provide a unique, holistic experience, supporting our patients at every step and ensuring that our women and their families can take ownership of their health.

We have expertise and experience at managing women’s healthcare needs throughout their lives from adolescence to menopause.

We offer, along with your health insurance, management pathways for investigation and treatment of commonly referred conditions, namely:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Irregular menstrual bleeding
  • Pelvic pain +/- painful periods
  • Abnormal smear
  • Subfertility
  • Bladder dysfunction
  • Menopausal symptoms

In addition we have a range of range of well woman  and sexual health  packages, as well as offers on a stand-alone basis:

  • Coil insertion
  • Minor procedures (such as implant insertion or small abscess drainage)

We ensure continuity of care from diagnosis to treatment Including on-site  procedures such as:

  • Colposcopy
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Ultrasound services including contrast scanning

If required, hospital/inpatient treatment or surgery will be provided seamlessly through our WWC consultant partners at nearby hospitals in Chelsea.

We work continually to develop our relationships with insurance providers and to review and update our offers. If you are looking for a service which is not included above, why not contact us directly?


Your pathway with us

At The Women’s Wellness Centre we accept all health insurance providers as long as you have an authorisation code or guarantee of payment (GoP) from a recognised insurance provider.

When you book an appointment please follow these simple steps:


Ensure your appointment is covered by your policy/health insurance


Check if you need to be referred by 
your GP


Communicate your details in advance



Relax and come to visit us


1. Ensure your appointment is covered by your policy/health insurance

Please make sure you have contacted your health insurance provider and verified with them if the service you intend to book is covered by your policy. Our team are available to help you understand which services are typically covered by insurers but may not have additional details about your individual policy. You may want to check this at every stage. If you need follow-up appointments, your insurer may give you a different pre-authorisation number. Keeping in contact with your insurer will ensure you are informed and in control in the event of any shortfall which might require you to make a payment.

2. Check if you need to be referred by your GP

In order to claim on your insurance cover, you may need to be referred by your GP. Better to ask and verify this with your health insurance provider especially because this is the way most British health insurance works. Most of our doctors will see you without a referral from your GP, but you may not be covered by your insurer without one.

3. Communicate your details in advance

It is best for you to have your insurance details at the time of booking your appointment, including your membership number and pre-authorisation number. You can also provide this information at a later time, but before your scheduled appointment.

4. Relax and come to visit us

We know only too well how many health concerns may cause stress. By following these simple steps you will ensure you are in control of your pathway and aware of what is covered and what you may need to pay. We are here to help you to ensure a smooth relationship with your health insurance provider and we will provide you with the exceptional care you need.



In most cases, we will invoice direct to your insurance provider if your appointment is covered by them. It is important for you to check at every stage of your healthcare journey with us that your treatment is covered by your policy.

In the event of any shortfall in payment from your insurer, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance.  For more information, you can access our T&Cs here.

Payments and invoicing may follow a different pattern depending on our relationship with your insurer.

Where we have a direct settlement agreement (see below), we will invoice your insurer directly and payment will be made to us.

We accept all insurance providers (including foreign medical insurance companies) even if there is no settlement agreement in place.  However, again, you will need to have  an authorisation code or a guarantee of payment from your provider which details the costs they will cover. We need to receive this information before your appointment. Payment is made on your behalf by your insurer directly and so we invoice them.

If you can’t provide your insurance details or in the absence of any guarantee of payment, we will ask you to settle your account at your visit. We will give you a receipt so that you can claim for reimbursement from your insurer. 



Please find below a list of frequently asked questions you may find useful to clarify any doubts.

However, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at or on 020 7751 4488 and we will be very happy to help.

The Women’s Wellness Centre welcomes all patients with health insurance.  We are committed to ensuring that our services continue to meet the needs of insured patients.  As part of this commitment, we continue to work with a number of prominent insurers to develop bespoke / tailored offers to their customers.  This helps provide peace of mind that as well as looking after your health and wellbeing we are determined to take away any stress related to using your insurance or paying for our services. 

We recommend that you speak to our team about the specific services that are available, they can help advise about coverage and any questions that you might need to speak directly to your insurer about. 

Policy coverages varies between companies and it is good practice to ensure you are familiar with the specific exclusions which should have been shared with you.  UK health insurance policies are unlikely to cover you for seeing a GP, normal pregnancy, injuries from  hazardous, or dangerous, activities and, most importantly, pre-existing conditions.

Domestic policies  can differ considerably from international policies, even sold to you by the same company.  This information should have been shared with you in your insurance documentation.  There is also considerable variation between the coverage policies of different companies, hence why it is important to check where possible before seeking care.

The cover provided by your employer may be different to policies you have had previously.  Your employer will have decided what level of cover to provide and what treatments are included and excluded.  We advise you to review your policy documents and speak to the appropriate contact in your company should you have any questions before booking an appointment.

Trusted Partners

The Women’s Wellness Centre is recognised by all major insurance companies and we are proud to be associated with them.  Some are listed below.


Axa International


Bupa International



At The Women’s Wellness Centre our ethos is to be with you at every step of the way so if you wish to know more about our services, or you have any more questions or concerns please contact us on 020 7751 4488 or at